Rides & Camping

We will get you to Philly no matter what and have made it cheap and easy to do so!!  We are currently book FOUR SEASONS CAMPGROUND in NJ and will bus people from there each day to the DNC events for $10/day.

Call (856) 769-3635 to book your campsite.  Once your campsite is booked, add your names to the 4 Seasons Campground event page at our Facebook mother page here:  4 Seasons Campground Busing so we are aware that you’d like to get bused each day or for certain days.  Once 4 Seasons is booked we will move to the next site.

We have already booked up several campgrounds ..let’s keep going!

Several campgrounds booked!

If you need a ride TO Philly, you can go to this Facebook link to find your state to ride share with others Find your state to ride share to Philly .  If you want to explore busses and other accommodations options, go to this document on our main Facebook site for many options:  READ THESE OPTIONS .

Most drop-offs and pick-ups will happen at 2 specific locations allocated by the city: 1300 Spring Garden Street in Center City and 2300-2500 Penrose Avenue near FDR Park.
Drop-off and pick-up times will be 10am and 8pm each day.
The exception to this rule is the drop off on the 25th which will be at city hall in Camden, NJ at 10:30 for people to march over Ben F bridge to Broad street in Philly where our rally is. There will be a bus on the march over the bridge for people with disabilities to sit on. It is NOT wheelchair accessible but the wheelchairs can be folded up and stored on there if those with disabilities are able to walk on. Pick up will be 8Pm FDR park location (most will be there anyway after marching down from our rally at 3pm to hear Jill Stein at 6pm). IF people want to watch a movie at 822 North Broad St. that night, you may have some buses pick up there at 10 or 11pm if the bus company will do it.
We SUGGEST for all other days a pick-up/drop off at 1300 Spring (north in the city). You may choose drop off north in city and pick up at FDR park location each day. Suggested drop-off and pick-up times are 10am and 8pm respectively. Bus drivers willing, we suggest that you tell the bus driver which drop off location (either north in city or FDR park location) each day dependent upon what people want to do and they know it will always be 10am and 8pm at one of those locations.

PLEASE CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS SO WE CAN ASSIST FURTHER!! And Sammie (Sabel) Markham who you have been speaking with is organizing how many buses at each location as well as details of those buses.