Since the Occupy DNC group began, we have seen lots of media attention! Here are some of the stories!


CNN Interview With Laurie Cestnick

Interview of Laurie Cestnick & Jim Kelly July 28th in Philly


Bernie’s Supporters Ready to Protest at the Convention 
Meet the Organizers Behind Planned Protests at Philly DNC in July 
We will be de-registering from the Democratic Party” – Laurie Cestnick, Occupy DNC Convention 
Getting Bernie Supporters to Back Hillary Is a Tough Sell
Liz Warren’s Rhetoric Clashes with New Role as Hillary Clinton’s Attack Dog
Sanders to Back Clinton. Will Supporters Follow?
Sanders Protesters Book Campgrounds for Democrat Convention
Sanders supporters sell out campgrounds around Philadelphia ahead of convention
Will Dominant Images of Conventions Be of Unity or Protest?
Bernie’s fans haven’t sold out: Planned DNC war to fight Voter Fraud and install Sanders scares Clinton
Pro-Sanders, DNC Protesters Booking, Selling Out South Jersey Campgrounds