Calendar of Events

Dates and Times for Our Rallies

July 25th – TWO LOCATIONS!

CITY HALL (South apron aka south side of the building)
Rally – 10:30 am to 3pm
In the south apron of City Hall

MARCONI  PLAZA (Look for the big tent!)
Rally/Open Mic – 11am to 8pm

Laurie Cestnick and Jim Kelly will have OCCUPY DNC shirts on and you will see an OCCUPY DNC banner on the stage.

Hands Banner    OccupyShirt

We will be rallying with Equality Coalition and many other groups with speakers on the election fraud lawsuit (Summer Rose), homelessness, medical, etc. We also want the whole group to sing “Can You Hear the People Sing” CHORUS from Les Miserables while marching in place and we will live stream this ALL OVER THE WORLD! At 3pm we will march down Broad Street with homeless and disabled leading our march. We will hear Jill Stein speak in FDR park at the end of that march. If people want to watch a movie that night, 8pm at 822 N Broad street. Check the Our Revolution Continues calendar below for details on that and other suggested events.

 July 27th 
A Day for Bernie at the DNC  – A Joint Effort With ‘Our Revolution Continues’
Philadelphia City Hall
1401 John F Kennedy Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19102

A Bernie Appreciation event with a group photo to give Bernie as a commemorative poster!

July 28th
Rally  – 10am to 10pm
FDR Park – Zones 5 and 6 (Click Here for Map)
10am to 10pm

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